Old Catford Greyhound Stadium

Old Catford Greyhound StadiumCatford Greyhound Stadium is back in the spotlight with two pieces of news:

The GLA Housing and Land Directorate has identified a preferred bidder to take forward the redevelopment of the former Catford Greyhound Stadium, South East London. The proposals to deliver 589 homes with associated mixed-use development on the site will increase the supply of housing in the capital and is expected to act as a catalyst for the wider regeneration of Catford Town Centre, which is being driven by the London Borough of Lewisham. In addition, the proposals will stimulate economic growth and promote job creation. On the assumption that for every home built two jobs are created, the redevelopment of the site is expected to create circa 1,178 jobs.

Source London.Gov

It also seems that community gardens will be a feature between the railways:

Between Catford Station and Catford Bridge, lies the former home of Catford Greyhound Stadium. Having closed in 2003, it now sits derelict and disused. Between the Railways proposes a brighter future by turning it into community gardens.

Lili Sutton’s designs aim to address problems associated with local traffic by creating walking and cycle links from other local green spaces through the site. A local School, which does not have a green space of its own, would also be able to use part of the site as a play space.

Areas close to the railway lines would be given over to wildlife, while close to Catford Station allotments would be set aside for the local community.

A sports hall and teaching room in the north of the site would give local people the opportunity to engage in sporting activities and provide a facility for evening classes.

Source: New London Landscape

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