To post an event click on the ‘Submit your event’ link.

Make sure you complete the following:

  1. Event title: what’s your event called
  2. From date: this is the date the event starts
  3. To: this is the date the event ends. You can leave this if it’s a 1-day event.
  4. Event starts at: give the time the event starts and ends.
  5. Where: give the event location i.e. St Luke’s Church. If the location is already in the database, the rest of the fields will be auto populated otherwise continue to add the location of address. The first 3 fields are required so don’t forget to add the address and the town i.e. Deptford, Catford etc.
  6. Details: Please make sure you add the information about your event in the details box.
  7. Category: please choose a category your event falls under or create a new one
  8. Event image: if you have a picture for your event you can add it here. jpgs or pngs or gifs only.
  9. When done click the submit button.

adding-event-location-boxIf you receive an error, please make sure you have completed the required location address fields. If you have any problems please send your event details via email to get it added.

Recurring events

If your event runs every week on the same day and at the same time, you can choose to post it as a recurring event and it will be automatically listed each week or month.

If you events run every week but at different times you will need to post a separate recurring event for the different times.


Your images will not appear in the body of your listing but will appear as a thumbnail on the events listing page.

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