50-years-in-lewishamDid you know that Lewisham is only 50 years old? That’s right. Up until 50 years ago the borough, as we know it today didn’t exist.

Between 1900 and 1965 Lewisham formed part of the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham. On 1 April 1965, it was joined with the Metropolitan Borough of Deptford to form the London Borough of Lewisham.

To celebrate this golden anniversary residents are invited to share their memories of living in Lewisham from the last 50 years.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund this project is being hosted in participating libraries and you can bring your memorabilia to any on the libraries listed below.

This is an opportunity to add your memories to the ones already gathered so far such as old photographs, theatre programmes and school uniforms that represent the last 50 years in Lewisham.

Anything you bring along will be photographed so that the images can be added to the Lewisham archives for future generations to discover.

Places to drop off your artefacts

Friday 31 July​                             Manor House Library  ​

Saturday 1 August​                     Sydenham Community Library​

Saturday 8 August ​                    New Cross Learning ​

Saturday 15 August ​                 Crofton Park Community Library​

Saturday 22 August ​                 Torridon Road Library ​

Friday 28 August​                       Downham Library​

Visit Local History and Heritage for more details.

So what memories are you going to share? I’ll start you off:

As the kids like to say on Twitter: You're not from south if you don't know Fritz
As the kids like to say on Twitter: You’re not from south if you don’t know Fritz
Mr Pink's house on Loampit Vale.
Mr Pink’s house on Loampit Vale.

As a kid I used to imagine there was a Mrs Havisham living in the attic of this house. Now I’m grown, the house doesn’t seem that big.

I remember when McDonalds opened in Catford and my dad treated us to our first taste of junk food. Good times! Does anyone have any pictures of the old McDonalds?

See more of Lewisham’s history in pictures.

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