Running a blog takes a lot of commitment. Finding the time to write and pondering what to write about can be a bit stressful (trust me, I know).

If you’ve toyed with the idea of running a blog but don’t’ have the time or continuous flow of ideas but would like to share your occasional thoughts with your community, guest blogging on Catford Central could be the next best thing. Even if you do have a blog but want to write for a different audience, your welcome here.

Your post can be about anything with a strong or loose tie to the borough of Lewisham. I’ll accept reviews, analysis, interviews, essays and articles.

To avoid duplicate content, have a look around the site to ensure you are not writing about something that has already been covered. I’m happy to accept submissions on historical events already covered providing it is from a different perspective or adds something new to the subject matter.

All I ask is that you DON’T:

  • use curse words
  • post fake news
  • use homophobic or racially charged language
  • slander or make false claims about a person, product or service
  • use copyright images that you don’t have permission to use

To start blogging visit submission page to register/login and starting writing.

I look forward to reading your posts.

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