Lewisham Trading Standards Service and Lewisham Business Rates Team have warned of ’reduction’ firms who are conning local businesses. The scammers purport to advise local businesses about business rate changes.

A Lewisham business recently received a telephone call from a company who told them that the threshold for business rates relief would fall from £6500 to £6000 and this would mean that their business would not be eligible for business rates relief. The local business asked them to send some more information and instead they were sent an invoice totalling £462 for ‘consultancy’ fees.

Our advice to businesses is to say no to firms who cold call offering any advice about changes in business rates. We advise local businesses to hang up if you receive such a call and do not give them any details.

To find out if you qualify for Small Business Rates Relief you can contact the Business Rates Team direct at no extra cost on 020 8314 6150 or e-mail: lrs.nndr@lewisham.gov.uk.

Small Business Rates Relief is available at 100% for eligible properties up to £6,000 rateable value and relief decreases at a rate of around 2% per hundred pounds of rateable value up to 0% at £12,000. The relief is to support businesses who generally occupy only one property.

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