The Boundary Commission for England is an independent and impartial non-departmental public body which is responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England.

They are tasked with periodically reviewing the boundaries of all the Parliamentary constituencies in England. They are currently conducting a review on the basis of new rules laid down by Parliament. These rules involve a significant reduction in the number of constituencies in England (from 533 to 502), and require that every constituency – apart from two specified exceptions – must have an electorate that is no smaller than 72,810 and no larger than 80,473.

61. In Lewisham, we propose a Lewisham and Catford constituency containing eight wards, including one (Lewisham Central) from the existing Lewisham, Deptford constituency and one (Bellingham) from the existing Lewisham West and Penge constituency. The four remaining Lewisham wards are included in a Dulwich and Sydenham constituency with the four southernmost wards from Southwark.

The review has been published and I’ve quickly scanned through it to see how this effects Catford and Lewisham:

20. Deptford and Greenwich BC 75,986
Blackheath Westcombe Greenwich 9,135
Greenwich West Greenwich 9,992
Blackheath Lewisham 9,235
Brockley Lewisham 10,555
Evelyn Lewisham 9,193
Ladywell Lewisham 8,778
New Cross Lewisham 9,236
Telegraph Hill Lewisham 9,862
21. Dulwich and Sydenham BC 73,152
Crofton Park Lewisham 9,744
Forest Hill Lewisham 9,462
Perry Vale Lewisham 9,858
Sydenham Lewisham 10,188
College Southwark 8,119
East Dulwich Southwark 8,492
Peckham Rye Southwark 8,854
Village Southwark 8,435
42. Lewisham and Catford BC 75,757
Bellingham Lewisham 9,262
Catford South Lewisham 9,858
Downham Lewisham 9,507
Grove Park Lewisham 9,761
Lee Green Lewisham 9,559
Lewisham Central Lewisham 10,222
Rushey Green Lewisham 8,530
Whitefoot Lewisham 9,058


The Boundary Commission is consulting on initial proposals for a 12-week period, from 13 September 2011 to 5 December 2011. You are encouraged to use this opportunity to contribute to the design of the new constituencies – the more public views they hear, the more informed their decisions will be when analysing all the views that they receive.

A public hearing will be held at Lewisham Town Hall, Catford on  Monday 24 – Tuesday 25 October 2011.

Read the full review.

Source: Guido Fawkes. Thanks to @Group51UK for the heads up.

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