With the regeneration of Catford on pause it’s sad to hear that WHSmith will close the doors on the Winslade Way branch on 16 July. The sign on the door says the nearest branch is in Lewisham and apologies for the inconvenience.

When Matkins & Son on Catford Broadway closed way back when, Smith’s became my go to place for printer ink cartridges and the like.

The regeneration of the town centre would have meant that shops would have closed for 1-2 years anyway but I’ll miss Smith’s as I still get my stationary from there, admittedly not as much as I used to but still.

So if you aren’t one of those Kindle people, you’d better stock up on your holiday reading material whilst you still can and prices are cheap.

In other news the ‘cooker shop’ flats look to be complete and there’s an empty space where Motown used to be soon to be filled with more flats.


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lol! Mowtown has gone?! Who noticed?

Sorry for the people who relied on it, but that Smiths is closing because it was always empty. Most of the CAtford high street is thriving. Smiths is dying on it’s arse for a reason.


WHSmiths doesn’t know what it is. Their digital strategy sucks balls (remember when they took down the whole website because they suddenly realised some of the ebooks they were selling were a bit er… too mucky?) The stuff they sell is either much cheaper or much better quality elsewhere. The stores look tired and dated. Basically they have “Woolworthed” themselves.

Ben Culverley

With so many local schools nearby requiring pens, pencils and papers, it’s s disappointing reflection on the urban movement away from literacy and reading, towards digital consumption which has foreseen the demise of the WH Smith branch. Now that Phones4U will also be going, the dominance of Poundstretcher and bargain convenience stores, opposite the bookmakers and off-licence, it will be very hard for any retailer to take on the higher rental risks during a phase of regeneration uncertainty. WH Smith has no problems selling where there are travellers at airports and trainstations. We are fortunate to have two trainstations, excellent bus links, however as far as town planning goes, recessing WH Smith in the buried back of a dark shopping complex away from all of these links makes no sense.