Phoebe’s Garden Centre was once a thriving and welcoming business for keen gardeners until it closed for development in 2016. This is just a brief history of a much loved and missed resource.

A lady called Phoebe started a small floristry shop in Sangley Road, Catford in the early part of the 1900s. She built up her business selling cut flowers and plants and making up flower arrangements for gifts and funerals.

The business thrived and in 1947, Phoebe and her husband, Ernest, bought a piece of land in Penerley Road, Catford. On this land they grew chrysanthemums and dahlias for the florist shop as well as to supply the cut flower market, then situated at Covent Garden.

When Phoebe’s son Roy became involved in the trade, a small wooden greenhouse/shop was built on the site in Penerley Road and from this Roy and his parents started to sell a few gardening “bits and bobs” such as string, seeds and compost.

In 1978 Phoebe’s grandson Michael formed Phoebes Landscapes Limited and in 1988, Phoebe’s added a pet department where you could buy tropical and cold water fish and other pet accessories.

Source: Phoebe’s Garden Centre

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