There are many ways you can add your voice to the Council’s decisions about things that affect Catford.


Consultations can take the form of online comment on documents, questionnaires/surveys, forums or polls on a given topic. They may also be face-to-face such as interviews, or focus groups. Find out more on the Council’s Consultation Portal.


The Council welcomes petitions and recognises that petitions are one way in which people can let them know of  your concerns. Start a petition or see what has already been started on the Consultation Portal.

Ask a public question

Any resident, business rate payer or local government elector of Lewisham Council can ask a ‘public question’ to make an enquiry or raise an issue at a formal meeting of the Council attended by all 55 members.

These questions can be about any council service. If there is an issue you think is important or where you believe the council can make improvements you may want to bring it to the attention of the Council through a public question. Find out more about public questions.

Young Citizens’ Panel

If you are aged 11-18 living, working or studying in Lewisham you can get involved with the Young Citizen’s Panel.  It is an opportunity to have your say on how decisions should be made and how money should be spent in the borough.

You can take questionnaires and  web surveys or attend group discussions and events.  You can join in as much or as little as you like. See the Young Mayor’s website for more information.

Become a school governor

Every school has a governing body to represent the public in the running of schools. If you care about the education that children receive, you could consider becoming a school governor.  Find out more about becoming a school governor.

Become a streetleader

The streetleader scheme gives residents the opportunity to be actively involved in making your neighbourhood a better place to live. Streetleaders tackle things like graffiti, river clean-ups and wildspace activities, propose environmental improvement projects for the local area and have a say about how the council run environmental initiatives.

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