Take a walk down memory lane this October with the Then & Now exhibition at Catford Shopping Centre.

The exhibition will feature a selection of photographs from the now iconic Lovers Rock series, taken of Lewisham young people in 1977 by artist and photographer John Goto, and a new series of photographs of young people living, studying or working in the borough today, taken by renowned photographer Des Willie.

Visitors will be able to hear music and stories from both the Lovers Rock Reggae era and now, share their own memories and style stories, and join activities led by artists, academics and Lewisham residents.

Des Willie who worked on the BBC/Netflix drama Black Earth Rising had this to say about the Then & Now project:

“I was excited by the project from the get go. As well as enjoying taking photographs, I am passionate about photography. When Story Matters showed me John Goto’s book I went and bought it immediately. Stuff like this is really important as a record and document but also to help work out who we are. Especially in the current climate.

I think it is important to record what ‘nowadays’ looks like. I would like to think another photographer and team might pick the baton up and do it again forty years from now.”

Then & Now Exhibition

Dates: 13 – 28 October 2018
Venue: 2-3 Winslade Way, Catford Shopping Centre, Catford SE6 4JU
For more info and free tickets visit: www.thenandnowlewisham.co.uk

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