The Black Horse and Harrow, first appeared in the Parish Registers for the year 1700, under the name of the “Harrow, Rushey Green,” when it was owned by William Balthire.  (History of the Borough of Lewisham by Leland L Duncan). It’s possible the pub served as a coach house as there was stabling to the right of the building.

The pub was rebuilt twice, once in the early nineteenth century and again in 1897 which is the Victorian building we have now. It’s said to be the oldest pub in Lewisham and that Karl Marx frequented the pub when he was in the area.

Catford was a tram terminus from 1890. In the picture below you can see the pub still standing proud in the new age of speed.

Rushey Green 1914

Recent history

The pub is on the Local List of buildings.  This means that although it may not meet the national criteria for statutory listing it does add to the local distinctiveness of the borough, and is therefore protected under the Local List.

In 2000/01 the Black Horse and Harrow was renamed the Goose on the Green however, the engraving of the old name remained in the Victorian coping above the gates at the right of the building.

In June 2013, the Goose’s licence came under review after police were called to the pub following reports of a group of men armed with a knife and another man with a firearm.

After a refurbishment in 2014 the pub reverted back to its original name.

In 2017 the pub closed raising concerns it may be turned into flats. Councillor James Walsh reached out to the owners who promised that they are looking for a new operator and that the pub will not be turned into flats.


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