Excalibur estate to be demolished

Tenants from Catford’s Excalibur estate voted for the properties to be demolished and redeveloped. Residents were divided over whether there should be a regeneration of the 187 properties, built by German PoWs in the 1940s. A ballot was held asking them what they wanted to happen to the estate. More than 56 per cent (114 Continue Reading

Involvement opportunities

There are many ways you can add your voice to the Council’s decisions about things that affect Catford. Consultation Consultations can take the form of online comment on documents, questionnaires/surveys, forums or polls on a given topic. They may also be face-to-face such as interviews, or focus groups. Find out more on the Council’s Consultation Continue Reading

Local assembly

How do the assemblies work? Each ward in Lewisham has its own local assembly. Anyone who lives, works or studies in the ward is encouraged to attend. Friendly relaxed meetings will take place four times a year. There will be open discussion and debate about what matters in your area. Real action will be taken to solve Continue Reading