SINGH,-Dilip---FCThe Empress and the Jewel is a novel by Catford author Dilip Singh and is due to be released on Friday, 29 May.

The Empress and the Jewel is a heady mix of intrigue, conspiracy and larger than life characters centred on the controversial acquisition of a precious jewel.

It’s essentially a biography of the man who was the ‘Last Maharajah of India’, Prince Duleep Singh, it chronicles his life lived in exile amongst the aristocracy in England and his relationship with the woman who would become Empress of that vast sub-continent, Queen Victoria.

Extracts from letters, diaries and archive material have been woven together in Dilip Singh’s inimitable style to explore the subjects of empire-building and imperialism not only in the Victorian era but also at other times in world history.

A fascinating account of possibly one of the most far-reaching and controversial episodes in modern history, The Empress and the Jewel raises many questions against the background of one man’s significant and eventful story.

Dilip Singh was educated and trained in finance at London Guildhall University, although at heart his true passion is history. He had brief stints in politics and journalism in his native homeland where he was pauperised but rose again to take his place among his peers in finance and management consultancy.

You can buy the The Empress and the Jewel from Amazon and all good bookshops from 29 May 2015.

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