The Rising Sun Inn used to exist at 84 Rushey Green, Catford before changing address to 88 Rushey Green. The inn opened in 1823 and closed in 2006. It was eventually demolished in 2013 to make way for housing.

The inn originally provided stabling for horses involved in long and short distance coach travel. This stopped when the railways arrived.

The Rising Sun pub was designed by Sidney C Clark, for Charrington’s Brewery. Clark is noted as ‘one of the most accomplished pub architects of the inter-war period’.

The property was a two -storey building of brick and tile construction and was constructed in the ‘mock-Tudor ‘ style, including ornate chimneys.

I don’t know when the public house changed address but the old photos show how the building changed over time.

Rising Sun pub, Rushey Green
Rising Sun, 84 Rushey Green, – in 1830


Rising Sun, 84 Rushey Green, SE6 – pre reconstruction of about 1909 (Source)

This photo was taken by the Charrington Brewery during an architectural survey of their pubs.

Rising Sun’s unfortunate history

In the 00s, the Rising Sun was run by landlord Denton and his partner Barbara. On Friday and Saturday nights the pub would turn into a semi nightclub with load music until well after 11pm. As a pub, it had to compete with the Motown Soul Bar across the road, which was always packed on Friday nights.

On 13 September, 2003, unemployed Rocky Brown knifed Rising Sun bouncer, Stephen Brereton in the neck after Brereton refused him entry to the pub. Brown was sentenced to nine years in November 2004.

Before it closed in 2006, the Rising Sun had gained a bad reputation with reports that it had become a crack house. According to local knowledge, Denton was strong armed into allowing certain types to deal drugs from the pub. Naturally, everything went pear shaped from there and Catford lost another pub.

On 17 March 2010 a fire caused damage to a small part of the second floor of the building and in 2013 the pub was finally demolished to make way for flats.


Boarded up, 2007


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