As I walked to work this morning I cursed Lewisham Council for not gritting my road and the surrounding roads. Crunching through the powder I cast my mind back to a few weeks ago when we had to wait for the snow to melt around here. I understand that only major roads get gritted but if they were to just dump some grit on the pavement around here I’d do it myself. Well that’s what I thought this morning as I crunched down the hill and prayed.

As I slipped along Rushey Green this evening I cursed the well trodden roads. The well gritted pavements of this morning were now hazardous with sludge. The snow hasn’t been able to settle due to foot traffic. I grabbed on to railings and inched my way along Plassy Road. I was grateful when I crossed over to Sangley Road to see that the powder stuff was still around and people were walking almost freely.

Further up traffic had built up because the buses can’t make it up the hill. One bus had made the mistake of trying to turn in to Muirkirk Road. Seriously! Cars have enough trouble passing each other at the best of times on Muirkirk, without a bus in the mix. Amazed at the folly, I stood around for a little while and watched traffic pile up the other way as the bus tried to reverse back in to Sangley Road. Good times!

Back up on my hill the sound of crunching snow was reassuring. I’m not an expert on snow but I’ll take the powder stuff over the gritted sludge any day. I’m dreading tomorrow when the stuff all turns to ice. Time to get the bovver boots out!

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