What do you think

What do you thinkWhat are your experiences of support services in Lewisham?

If you are a parent or young person of secondary school age, Children’s Services at Lewisham Council would like to here your views.

They have created a survey focusing on Health Visiting, School Nursing and Children’s Centres. They want to know what people like about the services and what they find most useful to make sure future service design works at its best for the people of Lewisham and South East London.

There’s a £50 Amazon voucher to be won by one parent and one young person, chosen at random!

Follow the link to take the survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/lsham019

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simon barnshaw
simon barnshaw

Milfordtowers need to be worked on it’s getting bad the car park is starting to cracking up part of the roof is starting to come in you have cars in there and the public it’s dangerous the drains are over flooding this should have been done when this happend but you people are saying you have not got the money you have got the money to spend I know you own the land so it’s down to you to get the job done in the car park the lights are going out because of the bad weather the election is making the lights go out in the car park and it’s dark in there you can’t see in there someone will get killed in there if the job not done… Read more »