volunteers-community-centre-goldsmithsThe Goldsmiths Community Centre in Castillon Road closed in March this year but they hope to reopen with the help of volunteers.

The closure has meant that they do not have the financial resources to employ new staff. This means they will need members of a steering group who will support the Association; people who are willing to take on responsibilities and deliver actions within an agreed timescale, or have specific skills or knowledge to give, at no cost to the Association.

To set things in motion the following volunteers are needed:

Secretary to the Steering Group
to minute discussions of group meetings and act as group organiser.

Volunteer Co-ordinator
to liaise with and organise the groups of volunteers who will carry out the majority of the work required to the Centre.

Website / IT Administrator
to maintain the Centre’s IT systems (which will be fairly limited initially) and keep the website up to date.

Fundraising Champion
to seek out sources of grants and organise fundraising efforts on behalf of GCA.

Local key holder
to open and close the Centre for events.

Documentary Photographer
to help create a record of GCA’s efforts to re-open the Centre and make it usable again, which will also assist with fundraising.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these posts apply using this form or contact the Community Centre directly for more information.

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