Catford Bridge Tavern

The Catford Tavern on Catford Bridge is looking to recruit an experienced Assistant Manager, which may mean that the pub will be opening soon.

How soon is anyone’s guess as there is no mention of it on the website but progress is being made. It’s been over three years since the pub closed its doors as Pub Company Antic London, were served notice and moved down to the Catford Constitutional Club.

New owners of the pub, Solitaire Limited had planned to reopen back in 2015 but the damage caused by a fire in March 2015 set plans back. Work on a new roof started in October 2016 and by November they were promising a Christmas opening but that never materialised. If you look at the picture, internal work is still ongoing so maybe a Christmas opening was over ambitious.

Internal works Source: Catford Tavern Facebook page

But hey! This year for sure! Soon we’ll have another pub to add to the pub crawl circuit.

You can check out their Facebook page to see progress pictures or follow them on Twitter for updates.

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Brian Haines (@brianhaines)

There’s a new sign outside the pub that says it’s opening “in spring”