In the centenary year of some UK women getting the vote, voters in Ladywell, Lewisham Central and Brockley wards have the chance to make history by giving one of their three votes on 3 May to the Women’s Equality Party, putting women’s and girls’ needs front and centre of council decisions.

The Women’s Equality Party is a collaborative political force uniting people of all genders, ages, backgrounds and ethnicities in the shared determination to see women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities so that all can flourish. Only three years old, the party secured 5.2% of the votes cast in 2016’s London mayoral race and 7% in the Brockley by-election.

The three Lewisham candidates standing for election on 3 May are calling for:

  • Stronger action to tackle male violence against women and girls – domestic violence rates in Lewisham are the third highest in London and the borough ranks seventh highest for sexual assault.
  • A housing policy that recognises the needs of all women, and action to address the hidden homelessness of women and their children housed in unsuitable and unsafe temporary accommodation.
  • Protection of children’s services and support of educational opportunities ensuring the life chances of all our young people.
  • A diversity of perspective in the cabinet and council chamber to ensure greater scrutiny of all the Council’s decisions.
  • Streets, parks and transport that are safe for everyone to enjoy.

“With government cuts affecting women and girls disproportionately, it’s never been more important to bring their voices and their requirements into the centre of local politics and put aside party-political agendas. The Women’s Equality Party does politics differently, collaboratively and WE work with other parties to make women’s equality a reality” says Rebecca Manson Jones, Director of award-winning theatre company Just Jones &, member of the WEP Health Policy group, standing for election in Ladywell.

“Lewisham is a young and culturally diverse borough,” adds Mandu founder of groundbreaking charitable NGO The Cup Effect. “But I don’t see that adequately represented in the Council Chamber. One of the things that sets WEP apart is our understanding that creating equality is about respecting and celebrating the ways we differ from one another as well as the things we have in common. I’m determined to break down the barriers that stop women, and women of colour in particular, from taking part in democracy.”

“It’s time to make sure that policies in Lewisham are truly benefitting everyone, and the Women’s Equality Party will bring fresh, bold ideas to the council chambers to make sure this happens,” concludes Kate Vang, candidate for Brockley, whose background is in policy and business.



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